Outside Umbrellas

Outside Umbrellas

Outside Umbrellas, Patio Umbrellas and Market Umbrellas are absolutely a vital part of our outdoor living.  Are you considering purchasing an umbrellas for your pool, patio or yard?

Think about it!  Nothing feels better than relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day, shaded by an patio umbrella and feeling the cool breeze blow across your wet body!  Ahhh….

Every patio or deck that is not covered needs a big, beautiful umbrella to protect you, your furniture and your family from the hot sun, even on the days when it’s not very hot!

Outside UmbrellasOutside Umbrellas are an addition to your patio or deck and provide shade for hours of enjoyment and pleasure, while protecting you from the harmful sun’s UV rays, which we know can cause cancer and provides you with a nice red sunburn, too.  Be sure to place them by the pool so you can enjoy your pool more, without that painful sunburn.

With umbrellas, you can enjoy your outside oasis even more and they protect your patio furniture from the hot sun, giving it added protection so that it naturally lasts longer if taken care of.

These umbrellas are also considered “portable” so you can move them around if the need arises.  From the patio to the deck or the swimming pool, then back to the patio.

Outside umbrellas by the pool, which are basically the same thing as Patio Umbrellas, do not have to be an extreme financial investment and drain your bank account for you to purchase it.

The price range goes from almost nothing to several hundred or even thousands of dollars.  It just depends on how much you are willing to spend.  You can do your own research and choose what fits within your budget.

Over time, I promise you that your investment will pay off and keep you from spending more money and having to buy new furniture every couple of years.  Take care of it in the off season and it will last years!

Types of Outside Umbrellas

These days, there is a huge demand for umbrellas.  This causes manufacturers to design, produce and sell many styles and shapes, in addition to providing them in many different materials of your liking.


There are plastic, wood, aluminum, offset or cantilever, tilting and wall mounted umbrellas.


Sunbrella, is probably the most “well known” fabric for outside umbrellas.  I love them!  They are highly fade-resistant and stain-resistant.  Sunbrella umbrellas are made tough and can resist most of the weather elements, as well as the strain from everyday use.

There is also Olefin, Suncrylic, SunDura, Vinyl, Polyester, Cotton, Texsilk, and Coolaroo.

When using outside umbrellas, be sure the stand you use is big enough and heavy enough to support the outside umbrellas you choose, otherwise the wind will be blowing it over.

Now, get out there and find the right umbrella for your deck, yard or patio and start building your backyard oasis and enjoy the atmosphere you want and deserve!

Outside Umbrellas



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